Everydog that arrives at my kennel must be current on shots and heart worm preventative. We cover the cost of groceries. We only take a limited number of dogs at a time to make sure each dog gets plenty of attention. Please Contact Me for more information and to get your dog enrolled.

Please view our rates below for more information on the different levels of training we offer. You could also visit our For Sale page and bring home a well-trained duck dog from Breeze Hill Retrievers.

Formal Training should begin around the age of 6 months of age. Any age before that should be considered preschool and very much informal. It's a time to build a fun working environment and introduce new scenarios to the pup. (I.e. Water, boats, decoys, guns, people, children, loud noises...etc.)


We offering preschool training (ages 2-6 months of age) that include kennel training, manners, leads, birds, loud noises, other dogs, and a host of other objects that could possibly come into play during the course of a dogs life. Preschool training will have a great impact on how your dog behaves for the rest of it's life.

$450/ month.

Formal Gun Dog

The basic dog program lasts 4-6 months depending on the dogs ability. The dog must be proficient in each phase (obedience, hold, force fetch) of training before he/she moves on to the next phase of training. During the first couple months, the pup will be evaluated on his/her ability and learn that retrieving is fun. Obedience will be taught on a leash first, the reinforced by an e-collar, and gradually move on to off lead. At this point, "hold" and "force fetch" will also be  taught if necessary, followed by steadiness drills. We will begin piecing everything together. Pup will be introduced to various hunting situations using birds, gunfire, boats and blinds. Multiple marks and simple blinds out to 100 yards. After the formal gun dog program is completed, your dog will be ready to hit the field or blind.

$600.00 / month

Hunt Test Competitor

The Ultimate goal for every hunt test participant is to reach championship levels. The goal for Breeze Hills Retrievers is to produce an extremely solid hunting dog, and one way to reach the goal is attending hunt tests across the state and even stretching over state borders. The program is based on 9 months but could last longer depending on the dog, normally starting in the early spring and hitting hunt tests in the fall hopefully resulting in a Hunting Retriever title. This means that you dog is steady to shot, multiple marks, and can run fairly difficult blinds.

$600.00 / month

Hunt Test fees are double the entry fee to the hunt test.

Training And Rates

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